Martin Rushent, R.I.P.

Martin Rushent, the British music producer who worked with the likes of the Stranglers, XTC, and the Buzzcocks,

passed away on Saturday

. Rushent's watershed moment likely came when he produced the Human League's


, which spawned the still-pretty-inescapable "Don't You Want Me" (above);

this 2010 interview about the genesis of that track

is a pretty great read (apparently Human League lead singer Phil Oakey's silky voice sounded especially great when recorded in the bathroom; "you get a sort of live, boxy resonance" in the loo thanks to all that tile, Rushent noted). Friend of SOTC Ned Raggett has

collected YouTube clips of Rushent's other production credits

, including the Go-Go's "Turn To You" (he produced their album

Talk Show

, which also includes the sterling

"Head Over Heels"

) and Altered Images' "Happy Birthday." Rushent was 63.

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