McCarren Park Pool Takes The Final Plunge

Photo of MPP groundbreaking via DBOB
Photo of MPP groundbreaking via DBOB

Not that there were any illusions that the Greenpoint pool would remain a venue--the Williamsburg Waterfront area took over hosting duties for Jelly NYC's Summer Pool Parties a year ago. But now that the Williamsburg Waterfront space also appears to be in jeopardy--at least, according to Fightin' Senator Chuck Schumer--some may have entertained fantasies of somehow reclaiming the spacious concrete confines of McCarren Pool for concert and dodge-ball related purposes. But alas, the long-planned renovation of the pool--in order to restore it to its original WPA watery purpose--is very much underway. Today Mayor Bloomberg, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, and assorted other powerful men officially broke ground at the pool, vowing (according to Gothamist) to be the first in when the community waterpark finally reopens. The event was even accompanied by the ceremonial Bloomberg gaffe, according to Dumbo Books of Brooklyn:

    Mayor Bloomberg apparently confused the pool with a brand of children's stroller since he kept calling it "Maclaren Pool" for the first half of his speech. Only in the middle of his prepared address did he notice the correct spelling in the text, apparently, and he said, "McCarren, McCarren," as a look of relief came to the fact of Borough President Marty Markowitz.

No Schumer-esque man of the people is Michael Bloomberg, apparently. You are further alienating your hipster base, sir!

Monday Morning in Williamsburg: Groundbreaking at the McCarren Pool [DBOB]

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