Michael Bolton & Kenny G Just Might Have Brought '90s Nostalgia Full Circle

Many people around your corner of the Internet will be giggling about the seeming waiting-room singularity epitomized by the just-announced Beacon Theatre show pairing Michael Bolton with Kenny G--set to take place on June 19; tickets go on sale next Monday morning and start at $45--but let it be known that this team-up is nothing new: The above video is from the 1990 Grammys, during which the two teamed up for Bolton's syrupy "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You," which won the now-defunct Best Male Pop Vocal Performance award. Quibble as you might over whether or not 1990 should count as "the '90s," it really isn't too much of a stretch to hope that at the very least, a few early adopters can move on to unfettered pining for the '00s!

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