Moby: Both Woodward and Bernstein

Moby: Both Woodward and Bernstein

Sound of the City whipping-boy and all around social butterfly Moby is blogging the Democratic Convention over at the Blender Blog. The insight, as you might expect, is powerful:

Should politics solely exist in a platonic, rarefied, patrician environment? Or should politics at times involve beer and bad hotel sex for government employees and lobbyists? Even the most noble and well-intentioned Democrats need to have bad, beer-fueled hotel sex every now and then, right?

Read on for disclosures of a more personal nature: angel dust, an impassioned defense of a special "petite blonde Democrat," and a heartfelt review of Hillary's speech. He also calls John McCain a "pimp," and offers the trenchant observation that Hillary's prime time outfit (described by Runnin' Scared as a "luminescent orange pantsuit") "looked like something a Japanese traffic cop would wear in a Beastie Boys video." Has the man been more right about anything, ever?

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