More Entertaining Dispatches from the Set of The Girlfriend Experience

Just another day in the life of a freelancer
Just another day in the life of a freelancer

At last comes film critic Glenn Kenny's set diary from Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience, in which he plays a character whose job is described as "internet escort reviewer"--halfway between pimp and customer. Kenny is a tremendous writer and a very sarcastic man with some previous experience dealing with porn stars, dating back to his Harold Hecuba days. Still, mostly the whole thing plays as comedy--his wife, his mother, his father, and nearly even his therapist crack up when he tells them he has a sex scene with Sasha Gray; then comes the Rocawear windbreaker and the inevitable moment when art and life get inextricably blurred:

    October 3 I hear from Chris, the picture's wardrobe guy. I ask, "What's up with this character?"

    "Well there's not much specific I'm allowed to tell you. I just want to get a sense of what you can bring in terms of clothes and such. I think this guy certainly has a lack of vanity and a certain...disregard for style. He's not quite up to date..."

    I e-mail him a picture of myself taken at Cannes earlier in the year. I'm wearing a rather loud red Rockawear windbreaker and a Silver Surfer t-shirt.

    "Yes, " he says when he opens the e-mail. "There's something there." I mention that I own a pair of black Doc Martens AND a pair of black Converse low-tops.

    "Perfect. This guy should definitely dress too young for his age."

    I contemplate shooting myself.

And so on.

My "Girlfriend Experience:" A Set Diary, Part One [The Auteurs]

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