Mountain Goats in Philadelphia November 7: Setlist

Mountain Goats in Philadelphia November 7: Setlist

Credit: Thomas J Hartnett The Mountain Goats TLA/Philadelphia November 7

For the moment, the Mountain Goats seem to be skewing into power-trio territory. My comment on this is no comment.


With Peter Hughes and Jon Wurster: Have to Explode Heretic Pride The Mess Inside New Zion Moon Over Goldsboro Michael Myers Resplendent

Solo: Source Decay Attention All Pickpockets Sinaloan Milk Snake Song

With Kaki King: Black Pear Tree Bring Our Curses Home

With Kaki King and band: Mosquito Repellent Supergenesis

With band: Sept 15th 1983 The Boys Are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy) No Children This Year

Encore: The Pigs That Ran Straightaway.... Palmcorder Yajna

Second Encore: Houseguest

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