MPFrees: Shit We Downloaded That Isn't "Icky Thump"

Please Come Back Jeff Mangum! If you don't, Lon Guyland emo pukes will continue to murder your songs at guitar-store solo performances. Perhaps you think this is funny? DOWNLOAD: Brand New's Jesse Lacey, "Oh Comely" [On the Download]

Speaking of Bawston. . . Letters to Cleo ex-lady Kay Hanley might hang with Perez Hilton, but now she sings about bed-wetting. For reals. We're with you J-Hop, aging sucks so bad. DOWNLOAD: Kay Hanley, "Damp Sheets" [Hanley Fans]

Speaking of the Old Singing About the Young. . . Never ever thought I'd type this, but the the Bruce Dickinson version of this song is much, much better. DOWNLOAD: Ozzy Osbourne, "All The Young Dudes" [Copy, Right?]

Add This To Your "Rain" Playlist Bishop Allen dress in pigeon suits, make song about precipitation, rhyme "gray" with "away" and "day." Note to Justin Rice: Please write songs about pigeons instead. DOWNLOAD: Bishop Allen, "Rain" [Stereogum]

You Can Only Listen To This in Tom's Apartment Maybe he'll have a Full Bloom housewarming party at his new digs? DOWNLOAD: Soft Circle, "Ascend" [Raven Sings the Blues]

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