Gregory Shiff vs. I Love You
photo: Gareth Anderson

Let's hope the day can live up to the event's name. It's the first month of summer, and Heat, the two-step/garage/grime brainchild of locals Dinesh and Greg Poole, takes the music and the party outside. Brit grime, garage, and house heavyweights Benny Ill and MC Deadly Crisis join local Eddie Stats and the two hosts for some fun in the sun. (Cross your fingers for the weather being nice. The music will be for sure.) Saturday @ 2, Tompkins Square Park, 7th & Ave A, 212-387-7685. The after-party at Supreme Trading (213 N 8th St, Bklyn), with all the same players.

There are geniuses among us, I swear to you. Gregory Shiff might be one of them. A superb tech house producer who makes dance music that is by turns pretty and tough, as perfect for a summer day as for a dark dancefloor, he lives among us, but is probably more appreciated overseas. He's doing one of his head-to-head "battles" with post-punk band I Love You, twiddling the knobs while they bang away on the bass and drums. Afterward, the local producer delivers a full p.a. Friday @ 9, Rothko, 116 Suffolk, 212-475-7088

Aphrodite, the man with the biggest misnomer in drum'n'bass, made jump-up famous, and if we weren't so finicky back then and moved to the darker tech step, drum'n'bass might have actually made the crossover to the mainstream. It was the poppiest, most accessible, and most danceable form of the genre, but its "cheese" factor turned off the critics and the purists. Aphrodite ventured a bit into the darker territory, but if you listen to his earliest, most popular tracks, "I Wanted It More and More" and "Dub Moods," you'll find they stand today, something that really can't be said for 90 percent of d'n'b. He plays Direct Drive with Raw Q and DJ Still. Saturday @ 10, Rothko, 116 Suffolk, 212-475-7088

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