Bizarre Resurgence
Ladies and gentlemen, America—yes, that America, "Horse With No Name" America—now have a MySpace page.
Something should be done about this, and it should probably be violent.

This Song Will Change Your Life
Matisyahu's cover of "Message in a Bottle."
The Police are threatening to re-form just so they can trick Matisyahu into joining them onstage, at which point they will do something violent about this.

Workplace perk
Oh, sweet, here are seven Sly & the Family Stone reissues in today's mail.
Totally makes up for last month's brutal Primitive Radio Gods episode.

Transcendent Concert Experience
Trombonist Delfeayo Marsalis does "What a Wonderful World" at the Blue Note last Wednesday night.
And he thus skyrockets past both Branford and Wynton in the ongoing Sweetest Marsalis Brother Ever competition.

Sporting Trifle
Rewatching condensed YouTube highlights of the Boise State–Oklahoma game and actually crying, it's so goddamn awesome.
Goofiest 20-minute span in sports history.

Cinematic Masterwork
The parody rap video scenes in the 1993 Chris Rock–Charlie Murphy flick CB4, particularly the "Wacky Dee" sequence.
Fully 95 percent of your Netflix queue is worth preempting to revisit this.

PR One-Sheet Buzzword
"Late-arriving melodies"
About as desirable as "late-arriving dinner," "late-arriving prophylactics," or "late-arriving medical attention."

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