News Roundup: Animal Collective's Fall Be Kind EP Details, Converge's Axe to Fall Leak, New Arcade Fire?

--Animal Collective's Fall Be Kind EP turns out to be very real: AC's Avey Tare confirms and previews the record over at Pitchfork, where he specifies a tracklist and explains: "The vibe is a little bit darker, I'd say-- not in terms of the sound, maybe. Well, the melodies are definitely darker. It's not abrasive dark or anything, but I think the mood of it has just a little bit more of a nighttime, kind of dark, sad vibe... It's a little bit more washy and kind of orchestral." Jon Dolan once had a great riff on interviews like this one. Anyway, the record's due on Domino in December, and Gorilla Vs. Bear has mp3s of the BBC versions of EP tracks "What Would I Want? Sky" and "On A Highway."

--Converge's killer Axe to Fall has leaked, causing some consternation, especially after the band went ahead and aired the name of the leaker--Metalsucks staff writer Shaun Hand--via their Twitter account. The response was not kind: Hatebreed clown prince Jamey Jasta demanded "STREET JUSTICE!", and the rest of the Twitter rabble then piled on. The saga ended with a super anguished and, at the end of the day, not-at-all metal public apology from Metalsucks. At least we can all agree this record is worth getting excited about.

--Is this the sound of new music from the Arcade Fire? Probably. Whatever it is, it's featured on Richard Kelly's Cameron Diaz-vehicle The Box, out in November, a film that just happens to be scored by most of the AF gang.

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