Nine Fantastic And Thoughtful And Perfect In Every Way Gifts For The Music Fans In Your Life

Nine Fantastic And Thoughtful And Perfect In Every Way Gifts For The Music Fans In Your Life

How many gift guides have you read that started off by reminding you that "the holiday season is fast approaching"? Probably too many by this point. If you're like me, you just get stressed out and close the tab before even realizing that some of them have awesome suggestions. Don't do that here: Although some of the following suggestions might require a little elbow grease and an understanding of simple wiring systems, any of these would be gifts that a music fan would be happy to receive. You're welcome.

For The Friend Too Embarrassed To Admit He Loves Top 40 A year-long subscription to Spotify, the digital music service that lets you listen to pretty much anything for only $10 a month. Get a gift card here.) This is a godsend for people like me who make blanket statements like "I only listen to top 40 when I'm in a cab, which is never, because I am very poor." The Premium account is a little pricey at $120, but the Unlimited version will only set you back $60 for a year.

For The Friend Concerned With Street Cred A pair of Beats By Dre Studio Colors headphones. I have a pair of regular boring old black Beats, but there is an unspoken head nod that comes with wearing these that almost makes up for the price. The new versions come in different colors like pink, purple, and orange, which will help make it a lot more obvious that you have on $350 headphones. To be fair: mine were a gift, but I still prefer them 10:1 over all over-ear headphones I have tried. If you have a giant head, maybe get them a pair of earbuds instead; my Charlie Brown-esque friends complain that they're a little tight.

For The Friend Who Is Always Coming Up With Names For His Synth Band A Korg MINI-KP Kork Mini Dance Koss Pad (Pocket Size). These things are like a tiny dance party in your pocket. Its touchscreen allows you to make all sorts of fantastic synth sounds, which you can then record, loop, playback, and manipulate all you want. Might want to include a pair of headphones with this one, because it can get a little annoying to the envious onlooker, but trust me, your gadgety music friends will be completely enamored with it.

For The Friend Who Likes To Get High And Listen To Music At Home A LED Light Box that flashes to music. This is a pretty DIY project, but it will indubitably yield a very positive response from your stoner friends. Here's a link to some instructions on how to build one, and a video of what it can look like when it's finished. Companion gift: the most recent Battles album. Or E.L.O, depending on what they're into.

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