Noise from the Front

"I don't mean to be a diva, but some days you wake up and you're Barbara Streisand." -- Courtney Love

"Love Today," from Life In Cartoon Motion
(Casablanca, 2007)
[Music listing for Friday, June 15]

"You're Keeping Us Up," from All Things, Forests (Misra, 2007)
[Music listing for Thursday, June 14]

Yuka Honda
"I Dream About You," from Eucademix
(Tzadik, 2004)
[Music listing for Saturday, June 16]

"Coda.Love," from Secret Robot Romance (2006)
[Music listing for Sunday, June 17]

The Dead Betties
"Hellevator," from Nightmare Sequence
[Music listing for Saturday, June 16]

The Giraffes
"Wage Earner," from The Giraffes
(Razor & Tie, 2005)
[Music listing for Saturday, June 16]

The Dresden Dolls
"Necessary Evil," from
Yes, Virginia (The All Blacks VB, 2006)
[Music listing for Monday, June 18]

Big Business
"Another Fourth of July...Ruined," from Here Come the Waterworks
(Hydra Head, 2207)
[Music listing for Tuesday, June 19]

"We Have Illegal Weapons," from Hors de Combat (Redder, 2004)
[Music listing for Wednesday, June 6]

Happy Mondays24 Hour Party People,” from Squirrel and G-Man (London, 1987) [Music listing for Wednesday, June 6]

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