Noise from the Front

Common Name: Firefly
Scientific Name: Photinus sp.
Order: Coleoptera
Description: These insects are more accurately called "lightning beetles" because they are neither flies (Diptera) nor true bugs (Hemiptera).
Adults of the woods firefly, Photuris pennsylvanicus DeGeer, common in Texas, are long and narrow, about 1 inch long with a black head, a reddish section behind the head with dark middle marking (prothorax) and flexible dark brown wing covers (elytra) edged with yellow. Their most notable feature is the underside of the abdomen with the last number of segments colored greenish-yellow, forming a "tail light" capable of producing flashes of light. Larvae are flattened, spindle-shaped and have shield-like segments. Females of some species are wingless and appear similar to larvae. Wingless females and many larvae also have structures that produce light, and are called, "glow worms." —from Texas Cooperative Extension

Les Savy Fav
"Raging in the Plague Age," from Plagues & Snakes (French Kiss, 2006)
[Music listing for Sunday, April 1]

Ego Sensation
"Firefly," from Ego Sensation (Pie Graph, 2003)
[Music listing for Monday, April 2]

Pere Ubu
"Caroleen," from Why I Hate Women (Smog Veil, 2006)
[Music listing for Tuesday, April 3]

The Dansettes
"40 Days," from Hush/40 Days (Ernest Jennings Record Company, 2007 )
[Music listing for Saturday, March 31]

"Wet and Rusting" from Friend and Foe (Barsuck, 2007)
[Music listing for Wednesday, March 28]

The Defibulators
"Thin Air," from The Defibulators
[Music listing for Thursday, March 29]

"Got It," from Bakesale (Sub Pop, 1994)
[Music listing for Sunday, April 1]

"Barriers," from My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go (Sonic Unyon, 2007)
[Music listing for Monday, April 2]

The Places
"Such As the Earth," from Songs for Creeps (High Planes Sigh, 2006)
[Music listing for Thursday, March 29]

LCD Soundsystem
"Someone Great," from Sound of Silver (DFA, 2007)
[Music listing for Friday, March 30]

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