Noise from the Front

Pitch out the old, tune in with the new... or something like that.

Featuring good vibrations from:

White Magic
"Palm and Wine" from Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (Drag City, 2006)
[Music listing for Thursday, January 4]

Baby Dayliner
"I'll Be Your Counterpart" from High Heart & Low Estate (Brassland, 2004)
[Music listing for Friday, January 5]

Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton
"The Lottery" from Knives Don't Have Your Back (Last Gang, 2006)
[Music listing for Tuesday, January 9]

The T.Griffin Coraline
"Ghost Parking" from The Sea Won't Take Long (Shiny Little Records, 2004)
[Music listing for Monday, January 8]

Black Dice
"Smiling Off" from Smiling Off ep (Black Dice, 2005)
[Music listing for Saturday, January 6]

"Gas Can Row" from Head Home (O'Death, 2006)
[Music listing for Saturday, January 6]

Cobra Noir
"The Arsonist" from Barricades (Chainsaw Safety, 2006)
[Music listing for Sunday, January 7]

Man Man
"Van Helsing Boom Box" from Six Demon Bag (Ace Fu, 2006)
[Music listing for Friday, January 5]

Jennifer O'Connor
"Annie" from Jennifer O'Connor (Kiam, 2002)
[Music listing for Friday, January 5]

The Diggs
"Everyone's Starting Over" from Commute (Sugarspun, 2005)
[Music listing for Wednesday, January 3]

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