Noise From the Front

Suspicious activities involving groups of fat men in red suits in New Hope, PA, and a dangerous level of tryptophan in the region suggest that prudent behavior on the part of local citizenry is called for. But what fun is that? Instead, make a pre-emptive strike against mindless public consumerism via a carefully planned assault on your senses with new music from rap icon Jay-Z, café-friendly postergirl Melissa Ferrick, and Damien Rice—whose secret weapons are a focus and intensity that will leave you running for cover. Since extreme times call for an extreme soundtrack, we offer the following sure-to confuse, sure-to-delight pairing: the mysterious ladies of the Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir vs. Mr. Altrock himself, Dinosaur Jr. No, not together . . . but both within the perimeter this week to get you and yours in the appropriate seasonal spirit.

Secret message to all concerned partiers: Agent EL Vez is in the casa!

El Vez "Go Zapata Go!" from GRACIASLAND (Sympathy for the Record Industry, 1995) [Music listing for Saturday, December 2]

Melissa Ferrick "Never Give Up," from IN THE EYES OF STRANGERS (Right On, 2006) [Music listing for Monday, December 4]

Damien Rice "Dogs," from 9 (Heffa/Vector/Warner Bros., 2006) [CD reviews]

Hula "Don’t Have to Shout" from HULA (Pehr, 2004) [Music listing for Wednesday, November 30]

Jay-Z "Show me What You Got," from KINGDOM COME (Roc-A-Fella, 2006) [Lewis music feature]

Lovedrug "The Narcoleptic"—single (The Militia Group, 2005) [Music listing for Tuesday, December 5]

My Morning Jacket "Sweetheart," from CHOCOLATE AND ICE (Badman, 2002) [Music listing for Thursday, November 31]

Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares "Svatba (The Wedding)," from LE MYSTÈRE DES VOIX BULGARES (Nonesuch, 1990) [Music listing for Sunday, December 3]

Dinosaur Jr "Puke & Cry," from GREEN MIND (Reprise, 1991) [Music listing for Friday, December 1]

David Krakauer "The Electric Sher," from FROM BUBBEMEISES: LIES MY GRAMMA TOLD ME (Label Bleu, 2005) [CD reviews]

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