On the Unfortunately Named But Still Winsomely Charming Now, Now Every Children

The two endearingly wool-capped members of the abysmally named Now, Now Every Children were both 21-years-old as of December, 2008, and sometimes sound it. Cacie Dalager, guitar and vocals, and Bradley Hale, drums, are being saddled with a one-sheet that talks an awful lot about their Twin Cities marching band roots, which seems like something that will do them no favors in the long run--I would've fabricated a story about them being heirs to Lifter Puller or something, although I kind of doubt they've ever even heard that band. On MySpace, they've posted lyrics, which skew hard to a late '90s Get Up Kids dramatic template we can't help but hold dear--"you're not too small for this / but you're not even trying / i know you're taking everything way farther than you've known /i know what's taking all this space / i know i know," goes one. That song's called "Have You Tried," awesomely. "Sleep Through Summer" is as good a stab at the trembly falsetto bits from Jimmy Eat World's Clarity as we've heard anyone attempt; other, older songs, like "Not One But Two," channel Yeah Yeah Yeahs a bit too much for our taste--but they're young, they'll figure that out. The Fader has "Everyone You Know," which we recommend, it being the closest they've come so far to an anthem.

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