One of the World's Best Run the Jewels Murals Is in...Denver?

Various stages of the Thrill the Jewels mural at Gamma Gallery.
Various stages of the Thrill the Jewels mural at Gamma Gallery.

Run the Jewels is one of the most exciting musical projects happening now. The collaboration between Killer Mike and El-P is having something of a heyday, raising an amount of money that surprised even them for a cat-related remix project called Meow the Jewels, getting featured everywhere from Rolling Stone to Complex. Oh, and the duo just released an album. The frenzy continues with a graffiti project called Tag The Jewels, where artists from around the world took on the Run the Jewels logo.

There have been entries everywhere from New York to New Delhi, but one of the most widely circulated came from Denver, courtesy of Gamma Gallery.

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The artist behind the project, Gamma Acosta, contributed a handful of variations on themes ranging from police violence to religion to The Lord of the Rings. The one that's earned the most attention so far is Thrill the Jewels, featuring the duo as the werewolf and zombie from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. You can watch it come to life in the time-lapse video above.

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Acosta is, according to our sister paper Westword, a well-known street artist in Denver.

More murals from Gamma below.

Gamma Gallery
Gamma Gallery

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