Phosphorescent Haven't Found Their Stolen Equipment Yet, But Are Very Grateful/Spiritually Reawakened Anyway

Phosphorescent Haven't Found Their Stolen Equipment Yet, But Are Very Grateful/Spiritually Reawakened Anyway

Yes, fuzz-country sweethearts Phosphorescent lost $40,000 in gear when their van was stolen in Greenpoint last week, but in the end this tragedy has paradoxically only strengthened their faith in humanity re: the public outpouring of support that followed, leading ringleader Matthew Houck to pen a poem-like thank-you note that quotes, of course, the Double Rainbow guy:

Waking up Friday morning To find that the tools for your trade Everything you'd pieced together and worked for And collected for over a decade (!) Was gone Just like that Was one hell of a feeling

Anger, disgust, sadness Etc etc etc... I think There's no need To elaborate on this part

But here's the part That does need Some elaboration:

Thank You Everyone

So many people, Friends and strangers Have stepped forward So quickly and with such generosity It has transformed this thing Into a truly amazing and heartwarming Affirmation of community and love and spirit; Good vibes and support arriving from far and near And I want to express how humbled and Tremendously appreciative We all are

We had to reschedule The first two shows; Toronto, Buffalo, We were really looking forward to getting up there and we will get back up there as soon possible

But the rest of the shows are on!

We are re-grouped And re-saddled And ready to ride

Want to give a big shout out to Tom and Garrett and everybody down at Main Drag Music And Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear And Eben Bull and Mike Bones from Sian Alice Group For loaning, fixing, and building (!) amps and guitars for us to use And I cannot say thankyou enough To everyone who sent donations and well-wishes Your kindness and open-hearted support Has re-awakened in me That sense of community and spirit That can get clouded and covered When, from time to time On this cruise You may find yourself A little jaded and weary

Columbus Ohio, And all points forward - We're on our way

We'll be seen yall soon We can't wait to see you all out there And thank you in person

Or to quote that awesome guy from the mountains on the internet;

Double rainbow! All the way across the sky It's a Double. Complete. Rainbow. Whoa! Whoahhh Ohhhhhh

Love, MH

Their tour rolls on. Donate a musical instrument and probably get in free.

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