Photos: Austin City Limits 2007

Would you like some of Alex Turner's Popsicle?
photo by Craig Hlavaty

While NY blog nerds were chasing around a very sick Dan Deacon (double-D still played his scheduled Webster/Bowery/The Yard triple-header, despite being ridiculously ill), Southern nerds were running after (and away from) 1) various kinds of fires; 2) Mr. Bob; and 3) My Morning Jacket in Scuba gear; 4) M.I.A.'s back-up dancer, who begged the audience for weed, thereby causing the entire front row to storm the stage. More photos here.

photo by Mark C. Austin

M.I.A. photo by Mark C. Austin

Bjork photo by Mark C. Austin

My Morning Jacket photo by Mark C. Austin

photo by Mark C. Austin

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