PREMIERE: Erin Mary & the West Island's "Punk Rock Heart" Music Video

PREMIERE: Erin Mary & the West Island's "Punk Rock Heart" Music Video
Courtesy of Tiger Blanket Records

Local label and vintage boutique Tiger Blanket is a pretty knowledgeable resource on what the freshest and boldest statements in vintage sounds and styles from Brooklyn are, and with the upcoming release of new indie group Erin Mary & the West Island's debut singles, Tiger Blanket is keeping up its trend.

On November 26, the local group will be dropping their 7" single with the songs "Punk Rock Heart" and "Down in the Dark." We're happy to debut the video for the haunting and infectious "Punk Rock Heart" just in time for the show.

Watch the clip after the jump.

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Part gloomy pop-goth of the Cure and '60s, Righteous Brothers soul, the group dedicated their new clip to the heart of punk rock and the DIY aesthetic that it embodies. Lead singer and the video's star Erin Marsz (Guns N' Hoses; The Hotcakes) is joined by a strong crew made up of Matt Stamm (organs, keyboards), Joe Rogers (guitar), Dan Dauchy (bass) and Christian Linsey (drums), and the group is looking to enrich their performance by collaborating with One Tooth Media's Jason Lustig of Brooklyn and Alvaro Lope Morales Quevedo of Spain.

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On the above clip, director Joe Rogers "wanted to embrace the ethereal intensity of the song by focusing on Erin's performance." The video's focus on the singer is accompanied by the airy, ghosting sound of the song, which is a stark contrast to the heavier "Down in the Dark," with its own video currently in progress. Though a gloominess peeks through the surface of both tunes, it's difficult to listen to them and avoid bopping your head right along.

Erin Mary & the West Island play their debut show at Bowery Electric on 11/26. 7:30 p.m., $8.

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