Rappers At Award Shows: A History of Violence

Rappers At Award Shows: A History of Violence

This past weekend saw Rick Ross and Young Jeezy's long-simmering beef boiling over into fisticuffs as the rappers and their entourages went at each other at the BET Hip-Hop Honors Awards (and possibly broke an expensive mirror in the process). That squabble wasn't a one-off, though! Here's a primer on rappers behaving badly at ceremonial functions. (Warning: Many of these flip-phone videos might cause motion-sickness.)

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5. 2Pac vs. Q-Tip

The rap fight that never was: With A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip standing stage right and prepped to perform at the '94 Source Awards, 2Pac stormed straight passed him and grabbed Tip's spot to run through a rendition of "Out on Bail." According to


magazine meddler Benzino, 'Pac had one of his minions switch up the sound -- a ruse that left

"one of them niggas was crying"

backstage. (More '94 violence:

Onyx shooting live ammo

into the air during their performance.)

4. Gunplay vs. G-Unit

The undercard at the great 2012 BET Hip-Hop Honors Fight-Fest, MMG foot-soldier Gunplay became involved in a heated tussle with the lesser ranks of 50 Cent's crew. Deciding against increasing the peace, the next day Gunplay told TMZ that he had no regrets over his actions and warned 50's camp that,

"If you're playing with me, you're playing with fire . . . might get gunned down."

Odds on this one ending well?

3. Common vs. Drake

For a couple of guys wearing chunky-knit sweaters and floppy hippie caps, Common and Drake have chalked up a decent beef list, at one point aiming disses at Ice Cube and Pusha T respectively. Backstage at this year's Grammy Awards though, the peaceniks came to blows as police intervened to separate them. In the end, though, Com squashed the beef while standing on an ethically manufactured red carpet.

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