RE: BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier)... with Uncle Chase and Uncle Jon!

SYNOPSIS In which serious silliness in the service of aging, addled-pated muse Terpsichore is bandied about the Treehouse: music for dancing, music for sitting still, music for clutching a 15-watt guitar amp to you tummy whilst lying on the floor; modernity and the meta-pedestrian (lack of) movement; etc amen. Shilling for BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier), a dance piece by Chase G= and Jon M, is performed. Get your tickets here.

NEXT WEEK: New shit!

Playlist for Episode 42

"No chaperone" by ❤ The Band

Upcoming Events

"5/26/05 (excerpt)" 6:19 Jon & Chase

"Example 14" by Jamey Aebersold

"L'apres-midi d'un faun" by Claude Debussy

"Someone to Keep Us Warm" by The Silent Years

"Crap Artists" by Despot

"Brave New Brave" by ❤ The Band

"Live Recording" by Retarded Abandon

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