Recommended: Augusten Burroughs and Tegan Quin at Housing Works

Augusten Burroughs + Tegan Quin Thursday, September 4, 8 p.m. The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe 126 Crosby Street, 212-334-3324 Tickets at

That hilarious bald man Augusten Burroughs (author of Running with Scissors, Dry, Magical Thinking, etc.) used to seem a lot like that amusing receding-hairline-man, David Sedaris, what with their shared talents for making us giggle at addiction, trauma, and the love that dare not speak its name. But Burroughs's latest, A Wolf at the Table (St. Martin's) is a little field trip into something darker—the author's decidedly non-hilarious relationship with his belt-wielding father. Janet Maslin for the Times called Wolf "Determinedly unfunny, awkwardly histrionic and sometimes anything but credible." But don't think that Burroughs won't draw a crowd when he headlines with Tegan Quin (of Tegan and Sara fame) at's Liner Notes, a readings-cum-music benefit for Housing Works. There are, after all, still people who are still head over heels for Running with Scissors, despite allegations that it's (partly) a pack of lies, and despite that vomitous movie in which only Annette Bening triumphed. The formerly-funny Burroughs and Quin (who wrote original music for the Wolf audio book) will be joined by Colin Frangicetto, Elizabeth Seward, and Stephen Christian. —Ruth McCann

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