Regurgitating Prisms, Deepening Curtsies: Which Lyrics Are Really From Lulu?

Compiled by Matt Ealer, Josh Gallaway, and Brad Nelson

Regurgitating Prisms, Deepening Curtsies: Which Lyrics Are Really From Lulu?
Anton Corbijin

Lulu, the unearthly result of a collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, is composed of slow, meditative, minimal riffs and sometimes snaking, ambient horror over which Reed, in a sort of drained yet bold drawl—as if working around the idea of the music—articulates graphic, surreal and vaporous images of Lulu (of the Frank Wedekind plays Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box) and her worshipers. A triumph of lazy spiral-bound nihilism, the style is relatively easy to inhabit (brazenly sexual, casually racist, occasionally disregarding how words work), and so we've assembled several fake rhymes and strewn them about real live lyrics from this impossible record. Can you tell the difference?

1. Would you top me off Would you top me off as I deepen a curtsy

2. I have a process in which You are mute and panties That snake through meaning

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3. We are subjugated to your coniferous demeaning Whores in your closet, your rug a painting

4. Will you adore the river The stream, the trickle The tributary of my heart

5. Cretaceous spine Fall to my knees and glisten Brooding like oil in the faucet

6. Burning fever burning on my forehead The brain that once was listening now Shoots out its tiresome message

7. Who? Who is your answer? Why is it semen, cement-thick like a train wreck?

8. Cold Like an icepick Digging into the empty head of the candy bar Spurting its love knowledge, lukewarm and sweet

9. I can't put my honey pot in a jar Or a heart or a fist of some young boy

10. The liquid exchange of our heart Are we both dead now?

11. Focus Like your regurgitating prism Of concubine

12. Hispanic organ grinder killed his monkey On an LA backstreet He defies you, dies alone

13. The answer is patricide Father is the child of blood and jewels And tissues of the disused prick

14. The cook got drunk and all the whores they shrunk Onto the size of dessert plates But me I'm happy cause I got my little nappy And some opium to set me straight

15. False Like an abscess Twinklin' around under the moonlight of jagged tears She's a head cold

16. I'm only young once I want to taste it all and have fun

Answers on the next page!


Lou: 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 14, 16

False-Lou: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15

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