Senator Orrin Hatch Salutes Ted Kennedy in Song

Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch did not let the fact that the last video on his YouTube channel was "Perils Of Government-Run Health Care" deter him from recording a hastily written homage to his good friend Ted Kennedy. Let's just do this verbatim, shall we?

    Through the darkness We can find a pathway That will take us half way To the stars.

    Through the rain and fog We can find a clear day Shoo the shadows and doubts away And touch the legacy that is ours.

    Yours and mine And our children's For all time.

    Just honor him HONOR HIM And every fear Will be a thing of the past.

    America, AMERICA We're headed home We're headed home At last.


    Just honor him HONOR HIM And on the reefs of despair We shall not crash.

    America America We're sailing home Sailing home America AMERICA We're headed home Headed home At last.

Hatch is actually a veteran at this sort of thing--Wikipedia touts the $65,000 Hatch has earned over the course of his career as a songwriter, and some might remember "Heal Our Land," the grating anthem that accompanied the teeth-gnasing spectacle of George W. Bush's second inauguration. Hatch also the one who broke the drug-smuggling rap producer Dallas Austin from Dubai prison, citing "good relations with the ambassador and other good people in Dubai" as his means of leverage. And thus Austin, too, was saved from the reefs of despair, and the rain and fog.

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