Six Songs That Can Almost Make You Feel Like You're Actually Outside On A Nice Day Like Today

Have you been outside yet today? It's so nice! Sunny, breezy, just brushing 70 degrees—sure, the factors leading to this pleasantness are probably not all that great, and apparently rain's going to come and wash away this pre-Daylight Savings Time reprieve pretty soon (note graphic at left), but for now, it's all sunshine and light jackets. However, if you're reading this post, you're probably stuck inside for at least a couple of hours—maybe even until after the sun sets. What can help? Music! Below, six songs that you can put on in an effort to turn the fluorescents flicking above your head into Vitamin-D-supplying sunshine. And feel free to contribute your own suggestions in the comments!

Tiger Trap, "Sour Grass"

This too-short-lived twee quartet have a slim discography, but it's chock-full of songs that can brighten even the most dour of rooms—particularly the title track from their 1995 EP Sour Grass, which has an opening riff that sounds like a sun coming out from behind a cloud.

Janet Jackson, "When I Think Of You"

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FACT: The breakdown that begins around the 3:27 mark is the most pure expression of joy in all pop music.

De La Soul, "Saturdays"

Skates, not blades.

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