"Smile" By The Funky Twinz And Angel J Is A Bubbly, Sticky Jam

As part of our We're So Out Of Here For Three Whole Days pre-Memorial Day weekend coverage, tomorrow we're going to put forth a list of potential summer jams--you know, those sorts of tracks that not only might be blared from bodega radios and passing cars over the summer, they should be. Unfortunately "Smile," by the UK production duo Funky Twinz and featuring a vocal from Angel J--whose sticky, high-pitched coo recalls the voices that dominated freestyle and R&B decades ago--came out in November 2009, so it's probably a little too stale to be eligible for Mass Summer Jam status (there's a summer-to-summer statute of limitations on these things after the Great "Umbrella" Domination Of 2007-08). But it's still something that you should throw on this weekend, should you be hosting a party or just sunning yourself. Clip after the jump.

[Via friend-of-SOTC Julianne Shepherd]

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