Thanksgiving Playlist 2009: 100-Plus Songs Better Than Your Grandma's Lumpy Squash

Two years ago, William Bowers compiled this playlist. Any further additions?

This holiday's abstract mandate can be sorta barren for us patriotically-challenged atheist vegetarians who maintain cosmic equidistance from our bloodkin. The term for it is even weird: "Thanksgiving" is a syntactical cousin, reckon, of Wall Street's "profit-sharing," decorators' "wall-hanging," or The Riches' Eddie Izzard's "ass-having." It's the holiday least commodified by the entertainment industry, possibly because it's so pre-owned by food concerns? It was even the final calendar-refuge from slasher films until Eli Roth's fake Grindhouse trailer.

So I...made a playlist. Please feel free to contribute to its comprehensiveness via the comments section. Yup, I am aware that I omitted relevant jams by Dido, George Winston, Kelis, Brad Paisley, and Sum 41. I'm also yet to hear that popular Williams S. Burroughs thing. And I know that Big Black released a Thanksgiving EP, but I've always avoided them out of a certainty that nothing music could be good enough to earn the cover art of Songs About Fucking. And let me warn you: even though it was on the 1984 Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, the awkwardly of-its-moment Danny Elfman song is somehow much easier to swallow if you used to be engaged to a girl who looks like Eric Stoltz in 1989's The Fly 2. -- William Bowers

The National- "Mr. November" Sick Fix- "Thanks For Telling Me I'm Fat" Tom Waits- "November" Gorillaz & MF Doom- "November Has Come" Christina Aguilera- "Thank You"

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Led Zeppelin, "Thank You"

Bjork & Will Oldham- "Gratitude" My Chemical Romance- "Thank You For The Venom" Abba- "Thank You For The Music" Marvin Gaye- "Got To Give It Up" Guns N Roses- November Rain" Bright Eyes- "I Will Be Grateful For This Day" Loudon Wainwright- "Thanksgiving" Cam'ron- "Family Ties" Reggie & The Full Effect- "Thanks For The Misery" Beastie Boys- "Gratitude" Devo- "Thanks To You" Oneida- "Thank Your Parents" Ozzy Osbourne- "Thank God For The Bomb" Charles Mingus- "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am"

Sister Sledge, "We Are Family"

Elvis Presley- "Thanks To The Rolling Sea" The Frogs- "Thank God I Died In The Car Crash" The Skatalites & King Tubby- "Give Thanks" The Strawbs- "Thank You" Graham Parker- "Almost Thanksgiving Day" Cody Chesnutt- "Family On Blast" Paul Butterfield Blues Band- "Thank You Mr. Poobah" Puffy AmiYumi- "Thank You" His Name Is Alive- "November Cotton Flower" Jane's Addiction- "Thank You Boys" Robert Pollard-"Thank You" Dominion- "Appreciate To Mutilate" Sparks- "Thank God It's Not Christmas"

Guns N Roses, "November Rain"

Bing Crosby- "Thanks" The Commitments- "I Thank You" Paul McCartney- "Gratitude" James Gang- "Thanks" Will Oldham- "Let's Start A Family" Earth Wind & Fire- "Gratitude" Wayne Kramer & Johnny Thunders- "Hey Thanks" Jerry Cantrell- "Thanks Anyway" Johnny Cash- "Thanks A Lot" Something by the Mount Eerie-ish band (often covered by Mount Eerie) called Thanksgiving Something by the psych underdogs Family Something pissy from the punk boxset No Thanks Something by the Grateful Dead

Cynthia Fee/ Andrew Gold- "Thank You For Being A Friend (Golden Girls Theme)"

Beastie Boys, "Gratitude"


Bubba Sparxxx, "Hey! (A Lil Gratitude)"

Jim White & Johnny Dowd- "Thank You Lord" Spinto Band- "A Hyrule Thanksgiving" Bee Gees- "Give Your Best" Barry White- "Thank You" Hank Williams- "Thank God"

Morrissey, "November Spawned a Monster"

Joe Tex- "Say Thank You" Brenda Lee- "Thanks A Lot" William DeVaughan- "Be Thankful For What You've Got" Flaming Lips- "Thanks To You" Waterboys- "Thank You For A Wonderful Life" Alejandra & Aeron- "Thanksgiving Going On Anyway" Chris Brown- "Thank You" Bama The Village Poet- "Thanksgiving" Murs & 9th Wonder- "Love & Appreciate"

Talking Heads, "Thank You For Sending Me an Angel"

El Perro Del Mar- "God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)" Labradford- "Gratitude" Hellyeah- "Thank You" Eef Barzelay- "Thanksgiving Waves" The Capstan Shafts- "My Family Was Welsh I'm Just Tired" Merle Haggard- "Thank You For Keeping My House" Sam & Dave- "I Thank You" Peanut- "Thank Goodness For The Rain" Billy Preston- "Thanks But No Thanks" Spokane- "Thankless Marriage"

The Beatles, "Thank You Girl"

The Softies- "I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Thank God" The Wedding Present- "Thanks" Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo- "Gratitude" The Lodger- "Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion" Wolfie- "It's Thursday, Not Sunday (Thank Goodness)" Candi Staton- "The Thanks I Get For Loving You" Ranking- "Thanks & Praise" Kurt Weill- "Great Hymn Of Thanksgiving" Yellowman- "Give Jah Thanks" Poi Dog Pondering- "Thanksgiving" Man Of The Year- "Thank Your Stars" Sole- "No Thanks" Todd Edwards- "Thank You" Little Pictures- "Thanksgiving For A Habitat"

Kanye West vs Fall Out Boy- "We Majorly Thankful" OR "Thanks For Telling Me Nothing"

John Denver- "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth- "Appreciate" Little Wings- "Thanksgiving" The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up- "Thanksgiving Day" The Books- "Thankyoubranch" Cloud Cult- "Thanksgiving" Agoraphobic Nosebleed- "Thanksgiving Day" Reigning Sound- "If You Can't Give Me Everything" The Soft Pink Truth- "I Want To Thank You" Sly & The Family Stone- "Thank You (Falettin Be Mice Elf Again") The National- "Mr. November" Xiu Xiu- "Thanks Japan" The Smiths- "Meat Is Murder" Jeff Tweedy- either Wilco's "The Thanks I Get" or "Golden Smog's "Please Tell My Brother"

John Denver, "Thank God I'm a Country Boy"

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