The 10 Best Things From 2011 To Listen To While Writing, According To Actual Authors

Gish-era Smashing Pumpkins: Reissued in 2011, so it counts!
Gish-era Smashing Pumpkins: Reissued in 2011, so it counts!

Reports from the holiday-party front indicate that 2011 was another long and lonely year for the fiction writers and memoirists of New York, who were kept company at home all day long mainly by various "internet friends" and related applications, as well as their favorite songs/albums/radio shows. Below is a totally non-scientific list of 2011's Top 10 pieces of music for writing, as supplied by the authors of recent books.

10. Alina Simone (You Must Go and Win)" "'See Me' by She Keeps Bees: It's like eating a PJ Harvey and Cat Power Fruit Roll-Up."

9. Said Sayrafiezadeh (When Skateboards Will Be Free): "Bob Seger's Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets. Specifically, 'Against the Wind' and 'Fire Lake.' I put my headphones on, even though I'm in my apartment, and the white, working-class tempo acts as an amphetamine."

8. Ned Vizzini (It's Kind of a Funny Story): "This year I learned to write to William Berger's 'My Castle of Quiet' radio show on WFMU. I put it on low and get work done over the latest apocalyptic black metal."

7. Nick Mamatas (Sensation; Under My Roof): "Lids Junky's Turkey Mix—extremely dirty/grimy dubstep. The riff on Skrillex's 'Kill Everybody' is worth the price alone. Though I can only recommend it as music to write to for people who like to mix Lovecraftiana and experimental fiction and sci-fi and noir."

6. Emily Gould (And The Heart Says Whatever): "The reissue of Gish. I know that's really pushing it for 'came out this year,' but it's so perfect when you want to create a fortress of sound around your ideas."

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