The 20 Best Things About "Hot Cheetos And Takis"

The 20 Best Things About "Hot Cheetos And Takis"

Surely you've heard of "Hot Cheetos and Takis," the banger from the Y.N.RichKids, by now? The song, a product of the Minneapolis North Community YMCA's Beats and Rhymes Program, is as infectious as its titular snacks are artificially flavored, with what appears to be a bunch of community school-educated pre-teens spitting the ode to the convenience store staples. It's also sincerely one of the best rap songs of this summer. Let us count the reasons why.

Y.N.RichKids, "Hot Cheetos & Takis"

1. You know exactly where it's going from the jump. That first synth stab establishes "HC&T" as part of the Lex Luger-ed trend of loud, ominous, system-filling jams. And it delivers on that promise.

2. "I go by the name of Dame Jones." One of the two rappers savvy enough to put his name on the track—the kinetic J (or Jay? or Jae?) is the other—leads off with the perfect intro. Diddy and DJ Khaled are proud.

3. THAT. HOOK. "Hot Cheetos and Takis, Hot Cheetos and Takis/ I can't get enouuugh of these Hot Cheetos and Takis/ Got my fingers stained red and I cannot get 'em off me/ You can catch me and my crew eatin' Hot Cheetos and Takis/ BOW!/ SNACK, SNACK, SNACK, CRUNCH!/ SNACK, SNACK, SNACK, MUNCH!" It's Waka Flocka Flame's approach boiled down to its simple essence, and it is stuck in your head now, don't lie.

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4. The beat itself is phenomenal. Lamentably, the only things we know for sure about the production are that the YouTube video says it's produced by "Chips &:" and that it was done by a professional, but the drum hits, claps, and snaps are in the right places, the stuttering drum sounds rule, and when the beat opens up to the storm of synths, it sounds like a real beat—because it is, not some watered-down Kidz Rap abomination.

5. Dame Jones can rap. "Got like three or four dollars and a couple-odd cents/ 'Bout to cop me some Hot Cheetos and a Lemonade Brisk/ I'm ridin' 'round on my bicycle, ridin' 'round on my bicycle/ Pull up at the studio, 'cause you know that the kid be meltin' them microphones." Rappers who have put albums out on major labels this year can't touch those four bars.

6. "Then I walked up to yo' girl, and she askin' me to share." Dame Jones will steal your girl and share his Takis, all while wearing an honest-to-God Vancouver Grizzlies snapback. He is cooler than I am.

7. The little running dance the kid who follows Dame does on the playground in the video at the end of Dame's verse is perfect.

8. "I'm on point like an elbow, hands red like Elmo/ My mama said, 'Have you had enough?'/ I looked at her, I said 'No, ma'am!'" So much going on here: the half-bar rhyme of "elbow/Elmo" is a thing you don't hear from many rappers (it reminds me of King L's verse on "I Get Paid" and CyHi Da Prynce's "On point like Rondo" from his song on the NBA 2K12 soundtrack that might have shaped this rhyme), and beyond being the sort of bar that gets cited as perfectly "age-appropriate", it's great: "Hands red like Elmo" is the sort of thing that only a kid would think to rap, but that makes it no less dope. And that second bar! This is a fine trick of head-fake rhyme (the logical second bar ends with "hell no") that makes a transition easy and something most rappers don't do, using the Lil Wayne tactic of "Oops, I meant..." instead. It's also reminiscent of one of the best rappers of the year, Future, who drops ""I got a Haitian girl speak Creole, and a Spanish girl from Rio/ When you put 'em in a room together, make a perfect combo" to great effect on "We In This Bitch 2.0."

9. "Buyin' it wit' my allowance, so nobody can stop me." Rembert Browne has already noted how great this line is, but it's nice to remember that the feeling of buying something with cash money is not something reserved for Cash Money.

10. The ad-libs, throughout, are wonderful.

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