The 23 Most Fantastically Quotable Lines From Riff Raff's New Album Neon Icon

The 23 Most Fantastically Quotable Lines From Riff Raff's New Album Neon Icon
Riff Raff and young Jody Husky

Enter this one in the annals of rap -- today Riff Raff released his long-mooted and often-delayed studio debut album, Neon Icon. Dropping via Diplo's Mad Decent stable, the 15-track project brims with Jody Highroller's now trademark bedazzled brags. Here's your handy run-through of Neon Icon's most quintessentially Riff Raffian boasts, capped at 23 in honor of his jones for Jordans. (Spoiler: Allusions to bi-curious mermaids, $1,000 ham steaks, and David Hasselhoff's hair ensue.)

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23. "Now I write Clark Gable on my cable bill/ Bill Cosby on my couch out in Nashville." ("Introducing The Icon")

22. "Yeah, we can talk, don't be a stranger/ Step inside the club and I smell like Power Ranger." ("Wetter Than Tsunami")

21. "Then done spent a grand on a ham steak/ I should charge you 10 grand for a handshake." ("Kokayne")

20. The mansion three story, living room with trampoline/ Mi casa so big it took the maids the whole week to clean." ("Aquaberry Dolphin")

19. "My mermaids are bi-curious/ She even got intoxicated, [her] girlfriend is furious." ("Lava Glaciers")

18. "Colder than a polar/ Jody Husky sandals." ("How To Be The Man (Houston Remix)")

17. "Step inside the club and I'm smelling like Miami/ In the kitchen cooking cookies but I'm not your damn granny." ("Wetter Than Tsunami")

16. "Make sure that I gotta custom built house with the water-slide/ From the top floor to the living room jacuzzi." ("Introducing The Icon")

15. "Real looking young but I'm looking yonder/ Hot like five saunas, my shoelaces is iguana." ("Maybe You Love Me")

14. "The candy-grey Mercedes, I sold it at an auction/ Rap game Sadie Hawkins, got a ticket for jaywalking." ("How To Be The Man Houston Remix")

13. "Yo, wanna know something about my right arm?/ I done flex so hard I set off fire alarms." ("Introducing The Icon")

12. "Should have been a surfer/ Ah, shit, look who it is -- it's the white Eddie Murphy." ("How To Be The Man")

11. "Trunk steady knocking/ Floating through the sky, Mary Poppins." ("How To Be The Man")

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