The Best of Showpaper "I Saw You," Acoustic BBQ Edition

Cover artist: Mark Mothersbaugh
Cover artist: Mark Mothersbaugh

Showpaper is a biweekly newsprint list of local all-ages shows, a one-sheet that harkens back to the days of punk flyers and Xeroxed fanzines. But the most unfailingly superb part of Showpaper is a regular sidebar called "I Saw You," a kind of Missed Connections for tallboy drinkers and Brooklyn bike-lock carriers. These blurbs are usually hilarious and horn-doggy, flirty and fickle. So every once in a while, we republish some of the best. Usually, there's five, but this time, we've just got two from the brand-new issue--extra-special ones from Todd P's Fort Tilden acoustic BBQ. Guess who makes a special guest appearance?

You were topless and on psychedelics and eventually got crucified (literally n figuratively) @ Fort Tilden Beach while phosphorescent was playing. Wish I coulda looked at yr tits longer, but you got sand in my eyes. --June 30th - July 13th, 2009, 56.01.

WHERE WERE ALL YOU GUYS? i went to the acoustic bbq performance at fort greene national park. no one showed up. i watched guys play dominoes for three hours. was that the show? --June 30th - July 13th, 2009, 56.04.

Live from Fort Tilden: Dearest topless, we all saw u!
Live from Fort Tilden: Dearest topless, we all saw u!
Rebecca Smeyne

Showpaper benefit tonight at Death by Audio with Slothbear, Cathexes, Wombat in Combat.

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