The Best of Showpaper "I Saw You," Edition Two

Quick refresher: Showpaper is a list of all-ages shows in the Tri-State area, a biweekly newsprint one-sheet that harkens back to the days of punk flyers and Xeroxed fanzines. But the most unfailingly superb part of Showpaper is a regular sidebar called "I Saw You," a kind of Missed Connections for DIY kids. These blurbs are hilarious and horn-doggy, flirty and fickle. So a while back, we republished five of the best. Five more awesome blurbs from over Showpaper's lifespan of 48 issues are below.

Last year's SXSW issue--yes those are what you think they are
Last year's SXSW issue--yes those are what you think they are
PFFR (Wonder Showzen)
    U were standing by the grill @ the Unamplified BBQ, turnin' over sausages. I was the short girl w/ white-rimmed glasses & black shirt. U let me try a little bite but I wanted all of yr sausage.
    --June 19 through July 3, 2007, 3-15.
    i saw u play guitar @ Ponytail Junction & U had an animal skull on yr necklace. I chatted u up about something or other later on - maybe next time we can bone. --August 28 through September 11, 2007, 8.24.
    YOU BIT MY ARM AT TH NO AGE SHOW!!!!!! FUUUUCCKKKK YOOOOUUU!!! you psycho hose beast!!! It was just beer!!! -- November 18 through December 2, 2008, 40-02.
    u said u were on the guest list for the BUILT TO SPILL show and i know fer damn sure it wasnt true but i let u in anyway and hell, with a mouth like that i'll lie with u all nite long. . . . -- March 11 - 16, 2008, 22a-08.
    EVERY GIRL @ THE BLACK LIPS SHOW -- call me! -- July 31 - August 14, 2007, 6-19.

Should you be a girl who's ever been to a Black Lips show, e-mail with the issue number and ID that appears after the date above; should you see someone sexy at Ms. Bea's in Austin this week, e-mail that same address, but make your blurb good because everybody reads these first.

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