The Best Reissues of 2012

Black Task
Black Task

As I sit and watch the year end lists of best reissues virtually pile up on the laptop, I can't help but be reminded of something my Uncle Lech once said to me many X-Masses ago when we were down in his basement jamming some Bobby Vinton. As his light up speakers twinkled and pulsed in my peripherals, he turned to me, let out a kielbasa-'n'- bourbon stinking burp and ominously growled, "Remember, kid: A re-mixed full length with some crappy live tracks thrown on at the end does not a re-issue make."

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At the time, I just found the statement to be one of the many nonsensicals that fell from his drunken mouth on the holidays. But now that I am older and seen the same dollar bin fodder trotted out year after year all tarted up audio wise to entice both the musical rube and mega-fan alike, I understand what the hell that crazy ear-hair owning bastard was talking about all those moons ago.

What follows is a list of music releases that were re-issued this year with the actual intention of hipping people to something that might not have heard before. These sounds languished in some shit hole studios' vaults or in some unwashed record collectors' fat rolls until the gracious people at these labels freed the sounds for you to enjoy. These labels went to a lot of trouble for you, so the least you can do is buy the equivalent of the Uncle Lech in your life a re-up of the Dead C's Harsh 70's Reality or Kenneth Higney's Attic Demonstration. I mean, really!

These are the best reissues of 2012 in no order whatsoever.

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