The Electric Daisy Carnival Is Coming To New York City

It's really a carnival. Photo from EDC 2009.
It's really a carnival. Photo from EDC 2009.
Michael Ivankay/Flickr

Adele might have dominated the headlines of the record business last year, but live, the biggest story was EDM—"electronic dance music," the amalgam of past dance-music styles, accentuated here and there with the all-important drop, that packed clubs and fields around the country. This year the EDM megafest known as the Electric Daisy Carnival, in the run-up to its big Vegas extravaganza, will make a stop in New York; right now details are scant, with only the dates (May 19 and 20) being revealed for now. Billboard reports that the festival will be co-sponsored by Pacha, the international megaclub chain that's set up shop in the former Sound Factory space; it also notes that last year's Electric Daisy running in Vegas attracted a quarter of a million people.

Those of you looking for a primer on this stuff can check out Camille Dodero's interview with Kevin Kerslake, the man behind the lens for storied alt-rock clips like Nirvana's "In Bloom" and the director of Electric Daisy Carnival Experience, a documentary about the hedonistic, candy-colored event.

(By the way, this week my column in the Voice's print edition will tackle last week's Cosmic Opera, an almost-six-hour performance at the Hammerstein Ballroom headlined by Swedish House Mafia's Axwell and featuring aerialists and lots of excited dancing and someone suspiciously asking me if I "go to a lot of EDM shows" (to which I cheerfully replied "nope, but I'm always learning!" and at least one young woman in the GA area sucking on a pacifier. PLUR!)

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