The Five Most Priceless 45s In Kenny Dope's Collection

The Five Most Priceless 45s In Kenny Dope's Collection

Looking for something funky, fresh, and 45-based to do this evening? Check out Mobile Mondays at Bowery Electric, which kicks off tonight with the Brooklyn-born Masters At Work partner Kenny Dope headlining and spinning a set of nothing but 7-inch records. In advance of the funk shindig, we got Kenny to look through his vinyl stash and pick out his five most valuable 45s.


Sly & The Family Stone, "Underdog" (Epic)

This is a different version [to the one] that's on his album; the drums are mixed very loud. It's definitely a different pressing. I thought it was promo only until recently when I found out that there is some stock copies of it. You'll see Sly Stone stuff all over the place, but this record for some reason I thought was promo only but it was released—although I only have the white promos of it. It's an all around great club record.


House Guests, "My Mind Set Me Free" (House Guest Records)

This is actually Bootsy Collins. It's just a real deep-funk, uptempo record. It's out of Ohio, after the whole JBs and James Brown thing. I love to DJ this record and still play it today—I'll probably play it out tonight. I picked this up on one of my buying trips into Pennsylvania.

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