The Many Faces of Danny Brown: His Five Defining Songs

Danny Brown in black and white.
Danny Brown in black and white.

Over the past three years, Detroit MC Danny Brown has been amassing one of rap's most loyal cult followings. A student of the game, his diverse arsenal of styles has proved challenging for some rap listeners to pin down exactly what makes him such an intriguing figure. He's performing at Roseland Ballroom tomorrow night with A$AP Rocky. To help new converts familiarize themselves with the man's many faces, we've assembled five very different, defining songs of his.

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"Dilla Bot vs. The Hybrid" 2009 By breaking the ice with "I break laws, jaws, and false promises," many got their first taste of Brown on the posthumous J Dilla album Jay Stay Paid. With a furious stream of punchlines, Brown used his then-biggest platform to put himself on the map as an exciting MC to watch.

"Guitar Solo" 2010 Brown's 2010 album The Hybrid helped not only cultivate him a substantial buzz, but also began to flush out how talented he is behind the mic. While the album displayed his trademark humor and hinted at his penchant for experimentation, "Guitar Solo" illustrated how well Brown could weave a heart-wrenching narrative.

"30" 2011 Brown's breakthrough album, 2011's XXX, shocked many new listeners with how unconventional his flows and vocal patterns varied over the album's 15 tracks. The closer, "30," is the album's absolute crescendo as Brown painfully stretches his soul as far as it can reach, to the point where it sounds as if he's flipping rap conventions and using it to forcefully dictate where the beat itself goes.

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