The Six Best Male Dancers in Contemporary Rock

The Six Best Male Dancers in Contemporary Rock
YouTube screengrab, Radiohead's "Lotus Flower"

If Elvis Presley taught us anything, apart from a love for peanut butter and banana sandwiches, it is that white men can dance. His successors such as Iggy pop, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Axl Rose are just as iconic for their showmanship as they are their music. All of these frontmen shake, sway, and groove regardless of the tempo. It's exhilarating to watch.

For whatever reason, many male rock singers today just stand there and look glum, like they're bored or stuffed full of Xanax. So we're celebrating the top five male rockers that have the balls to cut loose, highlighting their technique, rhythm, and overall creativity along the way.

6. Win Butler of Arcade Fire

The Six Best Male Dancers in Contemporary Rock

(Rating: 5 = OMG; 4 = Damn, Son!; 3 = Work It!; 2 = Don't Be Shy; 1 = Meh)

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Form: 3 Creativity: 3 Intensity: 2 Sensuality: 4 Rhythm: 4

It's hard to stand out as an exemplary dancer in Arcade Fire, especially because there are so many members in the band. Frontman Win Butler didn't exhibit his dance moves on debut album Funeral in 2004. It's been a very slow progression, but it seems the more popular the band has become, the more confidence he has gained.

The music itself, as heard in their latest album, Reflektor, is also a bit more experimental than their previous releases. We believe it was the inclusion of LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, who worked on Relektor and produced the disco-forward title track, that got Butler out of his shell.

"LCD Soundsystem to me is like New Order and the B-52s and we deeply share a lot of those influences, and we did completely different things with it," Butler told Rolling Stone."

During their Saturday Night Live performance (as seen below), Butler's movement is minimal, but there's a sincerity to it, and he even displays subtle hints of salsa. (The mariachi-type suits didn't hurt either.) Although he doesn't move in an outlandish way (or robotically, like his wife, Régine), he shows he has authentic flow. His dancing would never embarrass you at a wedding.

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