There Is A Karp Documentary

What's the hold up on the long-rumored documentary about one of the more underrated and unapologetically gully bands of the 1990s? Documentary filmmaker Bill Badgley needs money. He's been holding benefits all month on the "Portland-to-Seattle corridor," according to the Seattle Weekly. The above trailer has been around for a while, though it was updated recently. We are on record as having no affection for the swift canonization of our own youth and youth culture. That said, Karp--the Olympia trio who eventually became Big Business, and whose split with Rye Coalition is pretty much the definition of sludgy perfection--were genuinely interesting people, sarcastic and clever and, in their own pastoral hippie context, downright abrasive and hard to get along with. All hopes for a swift Kill All Redneck Pricks: Karp Lives! 1990-1998 release.

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