There Is A Short Play Tomorrow Night About Juggalo Zombies and Lady Gaga, Which We Apparently Inspired

Tomorrow night at the Bowery Poetry Club, there will be a short fourth-wall-dropping play entitled Gaga of the Dead, as part of the Blue Box Productions bar-performance series Sticky. The concept? According to curator Nick Job, this little number "is a zombie play in which the cure for undead blood-thirst is Lady Gaga's music." The finale? "A Thriller-esque dance sequence." The brain-eating menace? Juggalos.

The inspiration? Apparently, this.

Or so that's what Jobs wrote to tell us, that "Revenge of the Losers" inspired the Juggalo zombies--the crew is even using our photos for their make-up design. Sticky starts at 7:30 pm and costs $8. I will be there because how can I not be. P.S. I'm sorry?

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