There Is No Shame in Wanting to Read Devendra Banhart's Naked Lady Story from the Found Book

Davy Rothbart's third and latest Found book--Requiem For A Paper Bag: Celebrities & Civilians Tell Stories of the Best Lost, Tossed & Found Items From Around the World--stars a fantastically intricate cover by former Voice illustrator M. Wartella (left), and the happenstance discovery stories of folks like Andy Samberg, David Simon, and Susan Orlean. You might recall Rothbart telling us last week about Jim Carroll's particularly memorable submission--an anecdote about a friend who relinquished a plastic army soldier during a standard colonic and then magically got nicer. Another notable piece came from Devendra Banhart, who talks about finding a photo of a woman standing in a bathtub and "wearing only makeup and a slew of gangsta tattoos." Pop Candy has Banhart's tale in full--and no, it wasn't a picture of Natalie Portman. [Exclusive: Read Devendra Banhart's funny 'Found' story]

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