There Is Now A Shrine in the Spot Where John Hughes Died

Morbid, but kind of uplifting, too: Movieline's Stu VanAirsdale, convinced that "a shrine was in order," went looking for the spot where 59-year-old film director John Hughes suffered a heart attack last week. "Witnesses at the scene told Movieline he crossed south, stumbled to the water valves jutting from the wall at 60 West 55th Street, sat there and attempted to catch his breath At 8:55, 9-1-1 operators received a call from one of the witnesses, who summoned medics to the building. Hughes was unconscious when they arrived 15 minutes later." VanAirsdale placed sixteen candles on the spot, and went on his way.

Tracking Down the Place Where We Lost John Hughes [Movieline]

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