Tonight: Beach House at the Bowery Ballroom

Tonight: Beach House at the Bowery Ballroom

There's maybe too much space on the new Beach House album, Devotion, which is cleaner and therefore less creepy than the band’s 2006 debut. That album was precious and woozy, full of glacial space-rock cut sharply by Victoria Legrand's sometimes-sweet voice (though just as often, she sounded like she was singing the score to a Disney horror theme ride). Before, their songs unfurled in pleasurable, soft arcs. Now they seem to have plotted a slow, obvious course. With Papercuts and Luke Temple. — JON CARAMANICA.

Beach House, "Gila" (MP3)

Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey, Lower East Side, SOLD OUT

PREVIOUSLY Garrett Kamps on Beach House's Devotion

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