Tonight! Chuck Mangione, William Elliott Whitmore, Bastille Day Punk

MIchael's editor would like to know if this clip makes any more sense in context. He doubts it.

The Jonas Brothers have siphoned any trace of youthful rock 'n' roll energy out to the Izod Center tonight, leaving us city-dwellers a matured palette:

Chuck Mangione, America's most famous/only famous living flugelhorn player, vacates his toilet-paper fortress for six nights at the Blue Note.

William Elliott Whitmore, who plays the City Winery tonight, may be another young, white alt-rocker imitating an old Delta bluesman, but unlike the Kenny Wayne Shepherds of the world, he's not in it for the Guitar Center sponsorships. His rich baritone makes this clear.

Upcoming Events

Let them eat bikes! Celebrate Bastille Day by sacking Lit Lounge with hardcore outfits Olde Ghost and DBCR.

Bill Carothers and his trio graciously return to civilization for their Village Vanguard debut this week.

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