Tonight! Northside Festival, Fleetwood Mac, Meat Puppets

The first inaugural Northside Festival brings CMJ-style pandemonium to Williamsburg and Greenpoint, starting tonight. Ewok Village-natives Naybob and Raybob Shineywater of Brightblack Morning Light headline the opening gala at Studio B. The Music Hall of Williamsburg's sold out Hold Steady show also has some spots reserved for Northside badgeholders.

There have been countless permutations of Fleetwood Mac personnel since the band's 70's heyday, partially because the group would constantly tweak their sound to accommodate the changing tastes of pop audiences, but mostly because of all the wife-swapping. The line-up responsible for the immortal Rumours (minus one Catherine McVie) takes Madison Square this evening.

The Meat Puppets play Mercury Lounge in support of Sewn Together, released in May, with the Retribution Gospel Choir.

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