Top 5 Music Videos Featuring Mythical Creatures

In her new clip for the [ahem] Madonna-inspired "Born This Way," Lady Gaga includes a unicorn in the opening shot. While the video only gets weirder (

and grosser

) from there, that mythical beast captivated our attention so much that we decided to search out the best videos featuring such imaginary/otherworldly/just plain weird creatures. Here are our findings:

5. Ke$ha - "Blow"

Staying on the theme of unicorns, Ke$ha's newest video features anthropomorphic uni-horned beasts and, perhaps more mythical still, James Van der Beek. How far you have fallen, Dawson.

4. Odd Future - "Odd Future Gets Signed" (Funny or Die)

While not exactly a music video, today's Funny or Die clip deserves a spot on this list for getting us to imagine what

Chauncy the Odd Future Dragon

might look and act like.

3. Kanye West - "Runaway"

This 35-minute epic focuses on 'Ye's love affair with some sort of phoenix-woman. Her name is probably not Chauncy.

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

A Michael Jackson-esque werewolf takes to the dance floor to the soothing sounds of Karen O and friends: What more do you need to know? Oh, he dismembers a few people. You should probably know that.

1. Yeasayer - "Madder Red"

What the HELL is that? Here we have the lovely Kristen Bell and . . . a thing masquerading as her lucky pet, easily out-weirding anything else on this list. Bonus points for the closing shot of the thing in the clouds, angelic.


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