Video Premiere: White Hills, "Dead"

The psych/garbage/space rock trio White Hills fall into that Brooklyn corner where the songs are long and aliases abide--like their close affiliates Oneida, White Hills' Dave W. and Ego Sensation underpin oozy post-psych moans with busy, virtuosic rhythmic scaffolding. "Dead" was recorded at Oneida's Ocropolis studio; that band's drummer, Kid Millions, plays on the track. Currently out in limited edition, vinyl-only EP form, "Dead" is destined for the band's self-titled fifth (or so) full-length and Thrill Jockey debut (LP-wise anyway; the "Dead" EP is TJ's as well), scheduled for early next year. The video features both a tiger/zebra/corpse-painted Lady Macbeth-type OCD handwasher and a maniacal looking monkey in a crispy red suit--suitable for the creepy, self-doubting churn of the track itself. Julian Cope, the band's original benefactor (he released a version of White Hills' 2005 debut on his Fuck Off & Di label), would surely approve.


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