Vivian Girls Part Ways With Their Second Drummer

Let the Spinal Tap jokes begin: the Vivian Girls seem to have shed another drummer. It's their second after O.G. skinslady Frankie Rose, who split a couple summers back; since then, the band's drummer has been the capable Ali Koehler. Now, evidently, it is not. The band's publicist confirms the personnel change: "Fiona" is Fiona Campbell, otherwise known as the New Zealand-born drummer of Coasting (and, formerly, of the Coolies, which is how she originally met the other two Vivian Girls). VG are in the midst of a European jaunt right now (the plane rides have been interesting), and going by MySpace, Campbell will face her first test tonight in Dresden--though points to anyone in that crowd who can separate a newbie's error from the Girls' usual sprawling live cacophony. Koehler has been playing drums on tour for Best Coast recently--perhaps that's the reason for the switch? Update: It was. From Best Coast's Twitter account:

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