Vote Thompson: 'Mayor Bloomberg Is Bono's Rockstar'

As if U2 weren't already meddling enough in our urban affairs by stranding tens of thousands of our fair citizens in the lawless, trainless wilds of the Meadowlands, the turgid Irish band has now decided to follow President Obama's lead by making random, unwelcome endorsements in states they have no legal vote in. Tell us more about our mayor, Bono! "You know him because he runs New York City and does an amazing job. I know him because he is a fellow combatant in the fight against extreme poverty through disease. Using his enormous...wallet to research new treatments for malaria and stuff, he makes me very proud. He also makes me laugh out loud. I love him very much." Says it all, doesn't it?

MAYOR BLOOMBERG IS BONO'S ROCKSTAR [Mike Bloomberg NYC] Bono and Bloomberg Should Just Do It and Get It Over With [Vulture]

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