Want To See The Cover Of A Yung LA Record That Will Never, Ever Come Out?

Let us note what amounts to a pleasantly restrained cover for Yung LA's probably-never-going-to-come-out Futuristic Leland, in which no studded neck collars, hair dye, or particularly spiky (vs., uh, mildly spiky) mohawks are in evidence. (Yes, for this man, merely shaving a weird Prince-like logo into the side of his head counts as restraint .) LA may well be the most hated man in rap in some circles in 2009: one good friend of ours who we otherwise trust and respect implicitly described him as "this weird little creep with a squeaky baby-voice and a barely serviceable sense of meter who loves bragging about his shitty half-mohawk and his Urkel glasses." All of which is actually true--it's why we love him. Never has someone been more paranoid about the potential theft of swag no one else on the planet actually wants. Come on, Universal--let this thing go. We'll never make fun of your Tumblr again.

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